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Clarke & Staples Funeral Homes, Inc.

Our General Services Include:

  • Use of Our Facilities
  • Equipment and Staff
  • Vehicles (Hearse, Lead Car, Flower Truck, etc.)
  • Casket
  • Outer Burial Container (Vault)
  • Urn
  • Cemetery Services
  • Embalming
  • Cremation
  • Entombment
  • Removal and Transportation of Remains
  • Personal Customization "Options"
  • Contacting Organist or Pianist

Traditional/Contemporary Funeral Service:
Our basic funeral service provides you with a traditional service to commemorate the
life of your loved one. You can choose to hold the service at our facility or the location
of your choice. Many families like to hold a visitation/viewing at the funeral home the
evening before the funeral or on the day of the funeral.  

Graveside Service:
A graveside service is a service of remembrance which is held at the gravesite with the
presence of a casket or urn. A lot of families like to have visitation at the funeral home
the evening before the funeral or on the day of the funeral.

Cremation Service:
Many options are available for cremation. You have the option to have a visitation just
like you would have with a traditional service. We have caskets available to rent during the
visitation. A casket is not required for cremations and we also have many options available
when it comes to the selection of Urns and/or containers.

Memorial Service:
A memorial service is a gathering of friends and family and the service can be held at our
location or at the location of your choice. Usually a casket is not present but instead an Urn,
Photos, Custom DVD's and other memorabilia are placed at the location. This service is a
simplified version of a traditional/contemporary funeral service.

Direct Burial
Direct burial is a ground burial which would not include a service, embalming or a visitation.
You may choose to have a service at the cemetery at a later date or not at all, this is entirely
the choice of the family.

Price List
Our general price list of goods and services is available upon request. 

Additional Services At No Cost
We assist families in filing for any and all veterans benfits, railroad retirement benefits,
life insurance claims, notification to social security administration, Virginia State Retirement,
and others.

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